Carepak | we CARE for your products and services
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we CARE for your assets and products


Your assets are valuable, we know. That’s why we specialize in taking the best choices for your specific needs, and tailoring them individually for your case. We care for your assets the best possible way.


Transport, installment, testing or storage - your equipment needs to be ready, and in the best possible condition. That’s where we help you. Our knowledge and experience will help ensure the integrity of your assets.


Mitigating risk is an essential part of preservation. Making sure your assets are in the best possible condition, and stay that way - whether it is to be transported right away, or put into storage. For us this is serious business, and we care about the results.

Our expertise helps you avoid damage

Safely transporting assets and products, is about making sure they aren’t damaged during storage, transport or arrival.

Your assets and products are indispensable, and need to be handled as carefully as possible. It’s our job to make sure they’re protected while being handled.

Focused on preservation

We make sure you have the right information, both before, under and after you protect your valuable products and goods during storage or transport.

Preservation is our job, and we care about it. That’s the reason we’re so good at it.

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